Fad & Fade… The Treadmill of Vanity.

Ever felt like you were running so fast but failing to get ahead?

Or, like you where up to date on the latest of everything from fashion to technology yet, a pervasive feeling of emptiness plagues the recess of your mind?

Check. You might be trapped on the treadmill of fad & fade. That simply means; what is accepted or in vogue today will tomorrow become ignored or outdated. What is new today will become old tomorrow. Today’s baby will become tomorrow’s youth. It means vanity & it is life’s treadmill.

Everyone has desires, dreams & ambitions. We are in the same race; the race for fulfillment, financial freedom & the things that make us happy. Of course, this is all well & good.

We can look at all these, ambition, desires etc, as a treadmill designed not only to keep us in shape but also, to keep us up to date, improve our station in life, sense of worth & social status.

Desires arise from perception, belief or feeling that there is absence or lack of one thing or the other in our life. We think if we have this or attain that position we would be complete.

We purchase this technology or buy that latest design even when not convenient or necessary. When tomorrow comes, we continue our bid to keep up with the Joneses: to be seen; to be accepted. By and large a ruthless self-seeking circle is drawn & we begin searching for meaning therein.

The existence of desires signifies activity: it signifies life. But you see, desires are children of emptiness and our effort to satisfy them cannot be successful because as soon as we conquer one another arises.

Ecclesiastes begins: vanity of vanity, all is vanity.

Does this mean one cannot aspire or dream or hope for a better lot in life?
No. By all means we can & we should. We are only to guard against our effort becoming an exercise of vanity. We must remember the treadmill is a virtual race and that seeing it as such & taking frequent breaks from it permits the Soul to reenergize, refocus, develop, explore & discover the diverse beauty/secrets of happiness life offers.

Life is not a virtual race; it is an actual journey. So don’t exhaust your energy & time on the treadmill running, huffing and puffing down the fast track to nowhere but depression.

We know morning exercise improves our vitality for living. But do we ignore every other aspect of living to spend our whole day exercising? That probably is more counterproductive than productive.

So also, when we get caught in the virtual race of life without attention to and appreciation for the small gifts & blessings littered along the path of life’s journey, we find ourselves becoming less than productive and functioning below our capacity.

Life is more than a race of vanity.

Life is an adventure and dreams are the legitimate desires of our souls seeking expression and manifestation on the journey called Life. turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken me in thy way -Ps 119:37KJV.


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