#5Dimension Series (Prologue)

I want to share a simple but powerful logic with you. You see, sometimes we may have the solution a problem requires but failure to apply it in its correct order can result in disappointment.

It’s like writing an exam. Knowing the answer to a question is just as important as knowing how to present it orderly.

The same applies to the challenges of life. The Holy book provides solutions to most, but how we represent those solutions in our daily life determines if it works for us or not.

Careful study of the Word, experiences of its heroes and past/contemporary writings of its teachers highlights #5-Dimensions that lead to one basic understanding for creating heaven on earth.

They are: Hope, Faith, Grace, Salvation and Eternal life (in that order). Hope sets us free; faith empowers us; grace carries us through; salvation helps make sense of the countless non-sense peculiar to each person’s path and finally, knowledge of eternal life trumps our carnal understanding of human affairs.

It is important to pay attention to the order. For example, if I give you my number as 05012345 but you then dial 05012354, will you get through to me?

Irrespective of how pleasant or distraught life may seem, we can reduce to a considerable extent all underlying pain, which is intrinsic with the human ego, that no one else sees and experience the joy, peace and freedom which Jesus enjoyed while on earth and expressed through His teachings.

His life is no utopia; it is as real as your current reality.

If we pay attention to and follow the progressive order of reaching him, not exalting one to the ignorance of the other, we will touch the hem of His garment no matter how long we’ve been in pain or darkness and initiate such seamless transition that brings healing and changes who we are forever.


why not share your thoughts? please.

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