Episode 1 Hope (#5D Series)

Hope is the soil…

Let us examine Hope –the #5Dseries (Hope, Faith, Grace, Salvation, Eternal life)seeks to establish a logical and systematic link connecting all 5Dimensions with their respective and collective significance.

Hope means to wait in expectation of a thing. Faith is an assurance of the coming to reality of that thing.
Pretty close definitions, but what is their essential difference and what can it mean for you?
The life experiences of farmers provide a good allegory.
Farmers understand the importance of identifying right soil and weather conditioning for specific seedlings. For example, in Nigeria, beans grow well in the north but down south, you hardly get a harvest.
So the wise farmer works with his locations condition and grows what is adaptable to his environment. Environment and soil is primary; seed is secondary.
Hope involves a general understanding of the conditioning of your environment (God), people (human nature) and the laws governing the universe (principles).
Faith, then, is secondary to hope because just like any seed, faith, must be planted in hope. Hope is primary and that is the essential difference.
If we desire maximum yield from our mustard seed faith, we must understand and appreciate that knowledge in our approach to life.
Over the years, failure to properly teach or understand the essence and (1st) position of hope is one root cause for the dysfunction plaguing Nigeria’s religious institutions.
However, we learn an insightful lesson from the farmer. You don’t have to be the average believer who, through ignorance, fails to realize the PRIMARY essence of hope and consequently suffers poor harvest from their seeds of faith.
This perspective of hope as the ‘soil’, over a period, naturally creates a shift in your spiritual life. You experience renewed assurance, vitality, fulfilment & peace.You experience these even if materially, there’s been no significant change in external situations.These feelings signify a readiness of the internal conditioning to reproduce in the physical that which you already own in the unseen. Then faith becomes empowered beyond what u are accustomed to.

4 keys of Hope.
1. Hope is immaterial. It relies on dissolution to give faith its reproductive powers. Think of what happens to a seed in the soil. It dies before reproducing. Hope can’t be based on material desires because before reproduction occurs by faith, we must obey the principle of dissolution (self-denial). Hope is the difference between ordinary & extraordinary faith.

2. Hope means to WAIT in expectation & its synonym is TRUST. Farmers realize that patience and trust in Gods faithfulness to multiply seeds is inseparable from hope. Life continuously presents little opportunities to exercise patience: on a queue, while driving or interacting with people/subordinates etc. it’s like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger ur capacity to wait for Gods intervention plan becomes.

3. We don’t break principles; principles break us. The force of principles has the power to increase or drain hope. Ignoring them is like swimming against the tide. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are universal laws & principles designed to help you attain your dreams with intelligent efforts. Familiarise with principles.

4. Hope involves detachment from desired outcomes. It overcomes anxiousness, worry & desperation. The farmer knows he must prepare the soil for planting season. When preparation meets opportunity, one good seed or idea can yield generational returns. After planting, learn to let go of the outcome & let God do His thing. Just keep watering (preparing). This is the principle of least effort.


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