Episode 2- Faith (#5D Series)

Faith is the seed…

“Cast thy bread upon the waters for thou shall find it after many days.” -Ecclesiastes 9

Reward for well-doing is very certain. Though we cast it upon the waters of human nature & it seems lost or unappreciated, we will yet find it after many days: just as the farmer finds his seed again in a plentiful harvest.
Firmly rooted in HOPE, when we sow our seed in the morning & do not grow weary in well doing at evening, there is a full return on faith through the PRESENT gift of Gods providence, grace & comfort of His spirit in daily affairs.
FUTURE reward of faith in well doing is also certain: whatever we do or give to our neighbor is lent to the LORD; laid up to be faithfully repaid in heaven.
Here are 3 fields in which we must sow seeds of faith:
1. Relationship with Man: “he who observes the wind will not sow”. When we consider the world & wickedness of man, we might feel right to shut-off our hearts from well-doing. This is why we need God to grant us the vision which can see His love in the world in spite of human failure & COURAGE to faithfully sow our seed even when the wind of human nature is unfavorable.
2. Relationship with work: “he who regards the cloud will not reap.” Faith is important to work. Working for ourselves or under the employ of another, a habit of doing more than paid for is essential. When we faithfully provide valuable service to others, perhaps not immediately, but after many days, success will come. Wheat, the most valuable grain lies longest in the ground.
3. Our relationship with God. Technically, relationship with God is relationship with oneself. Getting the best of any relationship sometime means understanding things from the other person’s perspective. For a moment, if we let go of our wants & needs to observe the course of Gods providence about us, our spiritual awareness increases. Immersed in self-desires all the time, we do not see the miracle of life & so cannot do the will of God, because what you see determines what you do.

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