Failure in Endeavor; A moment of consciousness

A moment of realised triump (success) makes one feel as nothing else matters. A moment of realised defeat (failure) makes one feel as this is the end. But none of the feelings is really as it seem. Both feelings are an expression of one moment of consciousness in a lifetime of consciousness.

LIFE is the common thing we share as humans. During the ‘dash’ between birth and death, we experience life as a continuum of activity with a capacity for growth and continual change. Life is activity. If you think of it, we are constantly involved in activity; rich or poor, young or old, male or female.

Success in any activity, right from trying our first step as babies, is a product of exercising the will and our ability to learn from mistakes. If you’ve engaged in any form of pursuit, endeavor or activity then you’ve probably heard of, or experienced failure before.

If life is activity, then failure and success is intrinsic with life. I’m persuaded that life employs the process of failure and success (temporary defeats & temporary victories?) to place man at a deserved station. Failure is a test of our ability to merge intelligence with effort.

It serves to prove or disprove the conviction we have in our purpose. No force launches us forward as much as the setback of failing or temporary defeat. If we consider lives activity as a catapult, failure pulls us backward to a limit where our will either breaks or launches us forward to newer milestones.

The journey of life is littered with the lifeless body of people who, challenged by failure, lost their will to carry on. The wisdom offered by failure is only seen & grasped by those people who retain their will and refuse to be battered by their experience with failure.

Pity is a loving emotion. Self-pity, however, is destructive. Like an addictive drug, self-pity allows failure get high to the head and cloud ones judgment. A temporary defeat in the presence of self-pity is seen as personal and fewer emotions weaken the will and douse the fire of passion as much as it does.

Consider a team of footballers losing 6-0 at half time. They feel humiliated, discouraged & hopeless. But the rule-book says they must return to the field at the end of the break. If they don’t, they are deemed defeated & would face grievous sanctions by the governing body, FIFA.

Likewise, when you fail to pick yourself up every morning from defeat or failure of yesterday, life will impose grievous sanctions on you. A life of mediocrity, scarcity, bitterness & hopelessness are the penalties for conceding defeat in endeavor when there is still life.

So, friends, get on your feet everyday and master failure. Be open to the possibility of failing 30, even 50 times or more in the quest to learn what you need to know to succeed. A wise man once said, “At the end of the day it takes more courage to live than to die.”

When you painstakingly team up with Jesus, you’ll be amazed with the grace by which you’ll put failure to disgrace in your life. Life is activity and wisdom is the ability to gain perspective everyday and apply it to activity.


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