Epilogue #5D Series

It’s over to you…

And so with Eternal life we pull the curtain on our #5Dseries. This post is intended to encourage you to reflect on the lessons shared over the course of the 5D Series.

Friend, I want to impress it upon your mind that we are here not to fulfill our dream but Gods dream. Our dreams in contrast to His are too small; our dreams are too numerous & exclusive, Gods dream is singular and all inclusive.

Gods dream is for you to bring Him glory through a remarkably abundant life. We serve a far-out God. So far ahead of us is He that to comprehend His ways is to come out of our shelf of exclusive dreams and into the sunshine of His all inclusive love, joy, happiness, fulfillment and prosperity.

Nonetheless, I will not have you in error that making a decision to reach-out to God comes without stretch & pains. Without pain, faith does not grow and hope cannot serve as our pillar of strength. The Bible says those who hope on the Lord will renew their strength (Is. 40:13), and will not be ashamed (Romans 5;5).

God knows our every weaknesses so an intervention plan is in place to meet us mid-way and carry us through the journey. All that’s required, just as in the case of Peter, is the willingness/decision to reach Him and just as we may begin to sink, He will reach-out to walk us through the stormy waters of life.

The aim of the 5 Dimension series on Hope, Faith, Grace, Salvation and Eternal Life in the past has been to explore the technical details of this intervention plan. To bring us to the point where on our part we can enact and on Gods part, initiate His action-plan/purpose in our lives.

And now, it’s over to you.

Don’t wait till you have it all figured out because His ways are past finding out. Start with Hope…and as His Spirit penetrates your faculties, the fruits of faith, the gift of grace and truth of salvation will reveal the hidden path of eternal life to you.

It will be an honor to have you bookmark/sign up  as a reader to this blog. If you’ve been blessed by the series, why not share it with your friends? You never know who you may Awaken.

Thank you for your time & remain Hopeful.


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