Episode 4 – Salvation (#5D Series)

Salvation is the Value…

“Salvation is not an escape route to heaven. Rather, it is a seal of distinction and a guarantee for a life of impact on earth.” -Bishop Oyedepo.

Salvation means to be delivered from the wages of sin.

The Greek language in which the New Testament was originally written defines ‘sin’ as to miss the point of existence: like an archer misses the target; to live unskillfully & cause pain for one self & others.

As we will soon see, this definition extends way outside the box of religion.

It is my opinion that most people confine salvation into a religious box.

Since we only care to appear godly to a select few on our religious dates & would rather not reflect such amongst our numerous acquaintances, salvation remains in the box while we battle with sin outside the box.

I might be wrong but I think the reason for this to be, we believe salvation takes away license to live Life. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Salvation renews our living license and manifests something Divine outside the box where it matters most (1 Corinthians 2:9).

A life of pleasure, pressure and fear might have it thrills & on those religious dates, may even feel like we are exploiting the system. Beware! Sinful pleasures steal rightful treasures.

You won’t catch a lawful & successful citizen with an expired license on the road, so why leave yours in the box?

Trade a life of pressure & fear of the unknown for the boldness & future of distinction which salvation guarantees.

Salvation gives right-of-way to Gods divine wisdom: when you operate in it, it gives you access to hidden secrets & no situation, enemy or economy can slow your spirit because your speed limit will be unequaled (Mark 7:27).

Salvation cultivates self-respect & commands from others the respect your success demands.

Accepting Jesus in the box & not applying His teaching outside the box has led many again & again to the altar.

Salvation, like all good things, is a process & not a one off thing. It involves complete registration of HOPE & FAITH with Gods gift of GRACE in our attitude.

That is why Paul said “work-out your salvation with fear & trembling.”

God’s number is not hidden. When we pick up the Bible & through our lives, DIAL His no. in the RIGHT ORDER, He has no choice but to pick your prayer calls with a mighty hand & bring you out of your own Egypt.

Jesus has loaded you with all the call credit needed for Salvation.
So stop fondling & start dialing! (Luke 11; 13.)

By outside the box I simply mean after accepting Jesus, salvation exist more outside d box of religion than within it: who we are on the outside is more important than who we present ourselves to be inside religion. Religion calls us, Discipleship keeps us. But society demands we live according to its edicts or risk being rejected by friends & loved ones. Discipleship then becomes impossible & salvation is reduced to keeping religious dates. salvation is neatly folded into a religious box & placed on a shelf in our life, only to be reached & preached by the ‘anointed’ pastor.


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