Episode 5 – Eternal life (#5D Series)

Eternal life is the Exchange…

Some of us are still uncertain if truly a life after this exists in spite of our religious belief. 

Others are frightened rather than excited about the idea of “Eternal Life” because it suggests something interminable –long & unending. We are much more content with ‘Life’ as we know & love it, even if it brings more toil than satisfaction, we do not want to lose it for an eternity in the ‘unknown’.

Pope Benedict asserts that “the term ‘eternal life’ is meant to give a name to the known ‘unknown’”.

An objective consideration of Life & how it happens reveals ‘Life’ already to be a daily journey or adventure into the unknown; you can’t tell what will happen 5 minutes from now. Ancient Indian religion refers to it as “Ta Ta Ta” meaning; the Suchness of Life.

To properly put eternal life in perspective, we must look at it not as referring to length of life but a Fullness of life. There’s no reason to reserve fullness of life as an experience for the future –after death—because eternal life doesn’t just begin at death it begins NOW & should grow in us more & more daily.

Fullness of life, joy & peace is in the presence of ‘I AM’ (God), which refers to the PRESENT moment, its endless possibilities & outcomes of which are unknown to us but accessible by us only in this present moment –the door to all possibilities.

We have a foretaste of what eternal life is like from time to time, only those moments don’t last as long as we’d wish them to. Recall that lovely day when you enjoyed a boundless amount of energy, your mind was extraordinarily sharp, your day was effective & efficient. You were in present moment awareness & all you felt were the joy of Being, gratitude for life & pure happiness. The weight of the past & anxiety of the future ceased to exist.

To live in present moment awareness is to be with life; One with the ‘I AM’ God. In the article on faith I said a relationship with God is technically a relationship with oneself. I wish to add here that, we see Life not as it is but as we are. As we perfect our relationship with God, our relationship with people & life is also perfected. We become magnets, attracting the eternal good in people & situations to ourselves.

When we commit to eliminate all resistance to external situations in our lives & to relinquish the desire to exercise control over the one thing we aren’t given dominion over –life as it happens; we open ourselves to the possibilities for all things including eternal life in the present moment.


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