2 signs you are afraid of peace

finding peace
“most of man’s troubles arise from the inability to be alone by oneself.” – Paschal Blaise

Vignette: consider the car race sport. Ahead or behind, a racer views pitstops as a tool for getting ahead and staying in the race rather than an obstacle that slows him down and keeps him out of the race. Our world today moves at a speedy pace and we are afraid to slow down even when our physical and emotional states show signs of tiredness. We are afraid of peace.

1. The baggage of society: social heredity, like physical heredity, are the traits we inherit from our environment and culture. The prevalent culture of our day place high value on activity such that, if we are not engaged doing something, we feel less of ourself; like the world is passing us by. Millions of us desire peace in our lives yet, when it knocks on our door, it is meet with strong resistance and despised as ‘boredom’.

Activity is an abused drug in society today and often, the withdrawal effect of our addiction to activity is ‘boredom’. We open up ourselves to peace by embracing every opportunity to be alone for it is in such moment that we cultivate the best type of friendship; friendship with the soul.

2. The baggage of Self: like activity, we are addicted to thinking. Sadly, this addiction does not improve the efficiency or quality of ones thought. Ceaseless thinking breeds confusion; Its OK not to know all the answers. Power without control is nothing. The power of thoughts is proportionate to our ability to control them. If we cannot control our thoughts, we cannot control our emotions.

Emotions are either negative or positive. If we cannot control our emotions we cannot leverage positivity. A positive life is not achievable with a negative mind. Build breaks into your thoughts & the peace of God which passes understanding will hop into the days of your life.


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