The Great Crossover 2: Bandages & Surgeries


Dear friends, about a month ago I uploaded The Great Crossover 1. Which was about converting idle time to capital for financial gains. This sequel is about giving ourselves ‘recovery time’ and about patience to enter into Gods plan. It will challenge your thinking and inspire new commitments.

Just as we probably know, the devil also knows God plan for our lives. Jeremiah, through the bible, tells us it is a plan of good; not of evil –Jer. 29: 11. But it is simply not enough for us to believe that the plan of God is good, we also need to trust the process of bringing that plan about and then give God and ourselves time to develop and grow.

Some of us are thinking “Oh, if only you knew my story David. I’ve given God a chance but He seems to have it in for me.” Or something like “Here we go again. Same old rhetoric”.  Well, I may not know your story but I do know a lot of believers today are seeking out bandages for old, deep seated wounds that require surgery.

When we give God a chance, we need to be clear on what we want; either surgery or bandage.

Surgery, unlike bandages, entails removing or fixing something. If surgery is required for a certain condition, you’d be required to sign some papers. This asserts a commitment to the process, shows your acceptance to bear the pain or loss & of the time needed for healing.

Now a bandage doesn’t require signing any commitment. A bandage can make our wounds look neat but it sure doesn’t heal it. A bandage works like the fast food business; in a couple of minutes we are served and ready to move on. Our generation loves it that way.

God doesn’t compromise on quality though. If you are not match fit, you don’t get called up. He doesn’t subscribe to bandages. He would rather get you into His theater and fix what needs fixing or replace what needs replacement. He doesn’t macro-manage. Oftentimes, it is our character or attitude that needs fixing and other times, it is our relationships or our environment that needs replacement.

God is an expert surgeon. His surgeries don’t take time: Our healing does. First of all however, He needs your consent. Are we ready to commit unto Gods terms and conditions? Are we willing to sacrifice our will for his will –our way of life for His– and to bear the pain? Are we ready to give time to the healing process?
It requires decision and commitment. It doesn’t cost God a dime to fix you this moment but are you ready to give time to the healing process?

The healing process requires a large dose of forbearance, commitment and time. Without these, it is not long before we resort back to bandages. Without these is when we claim to be in our healing process while still chilling with the same old dead-end people, going to the same destructive places, talking the same negative talks and flirting with the same addictive temptations.

And then, when our healing is not completed on our timetable, we settle again for bandages thinking “I’ve tried God and prayer, it did nothing for me”.


How long did we try God for? Did we try God for as long as we tried casual sex? Did we try God for as long as we tried sportsbet or the lotto? Did we try God for as long as we tried overeating, drinking, smoking and drugs? And did we really try God for as long as we tried fraud or lying to ourselves? Did we try God for as long as we tried being social media celebs?

It took Moses forty years to be ready to lead. It took Saul time before he became Paul. It took time to dig the pit we find ourselves, it will take time to dig our way out. Be patient. We cannot spend 10 years of our lives playing ball with the devil and then expect God to turn us around in 10 days or 10 weeks. It took time to become bound to that addiction, it will take time to become free of it. Don’t give up.

With every trial & failure that addiction doesn’t get stronger, you do. With every trial and failure you do not retreat backwards, you advance forward. Failure without another trial is settling for less.

Have you really given God time & yourself another trial? True growth takes time and commitment so don’t quench or stand in the middle of the road. In fact, standing in the middle of the road is dangerous: we can get knocked down by traffic from both direction.

When we say we are giving God a chance, we need to be clear on what we want; either quality food or fast food.

God is not in the fast food business. God works like a gourmet chef. If we want a taste of His specials, we need to place an order in advance –make a commitment now. We need to make up our minds now –rid ourselves of impatient thoughts– and choose not to walk out on our order while its been made.

Real growth, like quality meal, takes time. Have you ordered for God’s best in your life yet? It takes time and right now is the time to place your order.

Stay hopeful and God’s sustenance power will keep you going. Amen.

Click here to read The Great Crossover 1.


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