Passion: One Man’s View

To no small extent what we are passionate about drives us. The word passion has come to be singularly defined as ambition to succeed at what we are good at.

Passion, however, also conotes the very emotions that operates in our innermost Being. Passions like; envy, greed, fear, jealousy, anger, pride, courage, love, patience, lust etc, all counts.

According to their respective measures, together they form the operating system for our hearts while the passion of the body i.e earthly ambition, is motivated or demotivated by passions of the heart.

The bibles instruction to ‘Guard thy heart with all diligence’ is apt.

Pursuing ambition without understanding the passions of our heart, how they harmonise and operate in our spiritual life, can affect the fulfilment speed of our earthly dreams and destiny.

I believe life is a school for mastering these passions. Ambition is the course of study and ultimately, everyone identifies with a certain class in the school of life.

Life is a continuous learning process and we are permitted to shunt between various classes as defined by society. Imperatively, how much work we put into knowing ourselves is just as important as how much effort we put into pursuing ambition.

The combination of both determines to a great extent the quality of life we lead.

For whatever ambition we choose to pursue there is a class for the best. Unfortunately, talent alone does not get us there. We need to continously evaluate ourselves –the passions of our heart– eliminating what slows us down and consolidating or adopting what keeps us ahead.

Today, either you live in a remote village of my hometown in Kogi state or at the centre of civilisation, thousands of miles away in the Western world, you can hold in the palm of your hand more information than the worlds greatest library.

That you’re reading this is testament to that fact. Access to information and knowledge is essential to progress. Don’t worry about not following through a reading plan or the discouraging feeling that comes with seeing your investment in books gather dust on the shelve.

No. Don’t let that hold you back. Either you read it immediately or not, your investment in books is never a waste because some day, a situation will drive you to your library and it’ll all be worth it. Unless, of course, you careless about keeping them in your possession.

Inspite of the economic challenges of today’s world, I believe this is the best time to be born and to live because more than ever before, we are more likely to be literate. In today’s world, we are more likely to be prosperous spiritually and financially.

You might not have all the resources you need right now, but all the knowledge to be the best version of yourself has been written somewhere in a book. Seek and you shall find.

Warm regards,
The hope engineer šŸ™‚


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