Dear people of hope, heartofdaviid as you once knew it has changed. I have taken a long break from writing and expectedly, there are some changes you’d observe in the style and content of this blog. You may have noticed the subtheme of heartofdaviid has changed from “spirituality beyond religion” to “where life meets.” This is part of an ongoing rebrand to provide a richly diverse content base for followers of this blog. Expect write-ups on foreign and local affairs, “Power” tips, investment opportunities in Nigeria’s next big industry -agriculture, faith based articles among others.

Thursday, September 24th will mark the beginning of a bold, New era on this blog. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “A BOLD NEW BEGINNING

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    1. Double Thanks ms Perry baby. My sister expressed your concerns about my absence. I’ve been following your pink diaries closely. That’s a very interesting style i never knew u had. Moving forward now that I’m back, I’d be able to comment on it.


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