Joy Unspeakable

This is not a post: it’s a post card.
:) :) :)
🙂 🙂 🙂
Many times, with our backs against the wall, we need the next break real bad. Some opportunity we’ve pursued presents itself as the nearest exit away from that situation to a better one. With a lot at stake, we may look at the door but what our mind sees is less of the opportunity and more of the person holding the door open. It could be anybody; a politician, CEO, director, Man of God, business woman, friend or relative.
It is in moments as this we usually fail the test of Faith. We forget that where our wits and energies end, Joy will take us further. When we put our trusts in men, it’s hard to find that Joy unspeakable. That joy that reaches up high into the Heavens, whispering into His ears “Father, my trust is in You.”
Choose joy
Choose joy everyday.

Truly yours, the Hope Engineer.


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