Christmas Lights

The Whitehouse. Photo credit: Michelle Obama

Sitting in a New York alley, gazing at the brilliant fireworks in the sky, on a snowy white Christmas eve night, you can sense the spirit is already in the air; one can almost see angel-wings in every person walking past, smiles on their faces; lover’s in hand. As a boy growing up in Ojuelegba, Lagos Nigeria, this was my favorite Christmas fantasy and how I loved to indulge it!

You can argue that it was the Disney holiday Christmas cartoons or the popular Barney and friends that aired then on NTA or my sneakers with the red lights in them that galvanized my imagination and you will be right. It was things like these that made us direct opposites of adults and intensified our awareness of the Christmas spirit.

Oh Christmas! How beautiful she is and her relationship with Mr. New year, just simply amazing. The love Christmas and New year share between them and ignite in their season is somewhere in the air about us. Even if now we are mostly burdened with life’s problems, happy or sad, progress or none, there is still that irrepressible Déjà vu arising from the inner child in us about the holiday season, though in this part of the world we grumble that the Christmas spirit is long dead.

We often forget we are the direct opposites of children today and, like our parents back then, we have responsibilities that somehow stifle the fun. Yet, all it takes to rekindle childhood memories in the hearts of some of us is the Christmas lights in the dark. For many, it is the joy of family that sparks it and for others it is that sense of hope -that distant but intense feeling of possibility that next year will be that year.

Most significantly, December is a stock taking month. Whatever our situation and whatever cards you’ve been dealt, remember it could be much worse. Sometimes our perception about the year and about ourselves can be colored by external factors. For example, the mutual bond we share with family and certain people in our life leaves us open to emotional contagion. A state whereby we absorb pain and joy from the lives of friends and family into ours by our shared relationship. This outside influence should never hinder a deeper inner conviction which is: life doesn’t happen to us, life happens from us. We are the masters of our own fate and amidst other adult responsibilities, we must take personal responsibility for our emotions and what we permit to get to us.

While there are external circumstances we must confront and through which life happens i.e. birth, death, promotion or job loss etc. it is God that gives and it is God who takes and just as He lost nothing giving them/it to us, we also lose nothing in returning them/it to Him. Life happens: we should stop worrying so much and move on. Like night and day, Life is a continuum of good and tough times which we do not control. What we can control is our response -our emotions, and if we succeed in becoming proactive rather than reactive to life’s never ending drama cycle, we make life happen from us: we become the beat and life becomes the dancer. In 2016, life will dance positively but it starts with us playing a positive tune.

So turn up your speakers and reach out to your inner child, connect to the spirit of Christmas/New Year season and amplify your Light of positivity going into 2016… Dare to hope. Dare to break free from your emotional limitations. Dare to live a life of unspeakable joy. Not everybody has it easy but, with some introspection, there are numerous blessings we can and can’t count and that is all that matters. That was how we understood life many years ago as kids and it is how we should view life this holiday season.

Turn down your worries and turn up your Christmas Lights.

Merry Christmas and Season’s greetings

Truly yours,
From allofus in the heartofdaviid community 🙂 🙂


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