Afternoon with Great Sam (kid bro)

Biℓℓi̣̐nα̲̅ire H̶̲̅eire§§ H̶̲̅er R̣̐yα̲̅l Fℓyne§§✽̤̈⌣̊┈̥-̶̯(6)
Mom and my kid bro, Great Sam. His birthday was this past Saturday: Happy birthday in arrears.

Hi folks,

Was talking with my kid bro, who by the way is awaiting his first-class Bsc Elect. Engineering degree award convocation from UNILAG next year, yesterday afternoon.

Out of the blues he said, ‘bro., you’ve gone so far out of the spirituality theme you started out with.’ We both smiled even as I guiltily admitted he was right.

Perhaps some of you, my loyal people, have wondered about that too. Well, when I posted A Bold New Beginning in September after my 6 months long break from writing, this was part of the changes I referred to.

Have I given up writing spirituality? I think ‘No.’ I felt the need to diversify my writings in other to find and carve a niche for heartofdaviid in less crowded writing genres with higher potentials.

In continuation of that sojourn, please catch my first sporting discourse on my boyhood team this week… Manchester United: Shadows of a Glorious Past 

Seasons greetings



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