Olamide-DonJazzygate: Penetrating Passes

Headies Award. Photo Credit: musicnobs.com

The entertainment scene received a gift with love from YBNL (Yahoo boy no laptop) boss, Olamide and SMD (Supreme Mavin Dynasty) boss, Don Jazzy on January 1, 2016, as emotions burst through the roofs at the 2015 Headies Awards. For the record, I did not attend the event and I also admit that I’m fully out of sync with the entertainment world as per lifestyle. But the timing of this feud makes it inevitable for even the busiest of people not to notice.

Now, one cannot help but wonder what was going on in the mind of these two leaders that night and more curious, what is going on in their minds now as the dust settles on their rage?
Reekado Banks won the next rated award category ahead of other contenders, most notably YBNL’s Lil Kesh who, by the way, Olamide and his loyalists believe the award belonged to. On the night, Olamide had no chill reliving the déjàvu of his background through the eye of his protégé, Lil Kesh.

Apparently, memories of how he fought his way and emerged a gemstone out of the rocks after being downplayed by powers that be were too bitter to contain. In one of his twitter tirades after the clash, Olamide claimed to have experienced what Lil Kesh is now experiencing, especially in the light of four hit tracks back-to-back from the young starlet.

So when Olamide took the stage in company of another YBNL Soldier, Adekunle Gold, who was also a winner on the night, Olamide had made up his mind: it will be cowardice to keep quiet in the face of perceived injustice and afterall, western rap icon, Kanye West had set precedence for expressing such disagreement with his infamous Grammy night outbursts in the recent pasts.

By the time he begun speaking, Olamide cared less either the music charts was an actual representation of peoples approval or the size of any giant who maybe or may not be behind the scene pulling the strings. And by the time he had finished speaking, Olamide had taken direct swipe at the award organizers and expressed a disapproval of the winner so fiercely, that it appeared to have broken any mutual love shared in the relationship with Reekado Banks record label, even though Olamide was careful not to mention names.

Enter Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy was obviously miffed by street Olamide’s diatribes, which, by the way, he must have felt was more directed at him than at the event organizers. Then he goes “egbon Olamide, if na car you want, come and take the car.” -_- And ta-da!, the gift that split a once bi-partisan fan base was delivered and received with love/hate, as factions emerged holding divergent views on social media. But it takes two to fight a war or end a war. Don Jazzy has yet to turn up for the battle Olamide invited him to on twitter.

You can almost literally see commentators gathered like vultures, waiting at the twitter battleground, fan in hand; ready to fan the flames of war or peace, if and when Don Jazzy shows up for the Twitter duel.
Don Jazzy may have made a mistake calling out Olamide on stage but kudos to him for not reacting afterwards so far on Twitter.

I doubt if Olamide still believes any longer that the approach he took on the matter on and off stage was the best. While opinions may be expressed freely, no matter how strong our disagreements with something or someone is, one still has to learn to be discordant with respect. After all, this is a proxy war in which the primary parties, Reekado Banks and Lil Kesh, don’t appear deeply enmeshed in as evidenced in their tweets to each other, if that’s anything to go by.

Congrats on your next rated award @reekadobanks This will not be the end of us, more blessings and money, nothing but love #reeky -Lil Kesh.

Don Jazzy, too, probably has realized that he instigated Olamide’s twitter rant by referring to him as ‘egbon’ and saying ‘if it’s car you want, come and take the car.’ Seriously, that’s a bitter dose of sarcasm administered with an unhealthy level of pride which ought to be done discreetly –that is if we must even be so mean to ourselves in the first instance, no matter how livid.

In the end, Olamide is loved for being a street act while Don Jazzy is loved for his leadership role in arguably Africa’s biggest music cartel. It will be bad for business not to bury the hatchet because the quality of humility attached to the Don Jazzy reputation, either real or fake doesn’t matter, is threatened by Olamide’s claims about the “bossy attitude” Don Jazzy possesses. Olamide’s testimony is damaging because he has more access to Don Jazzy’s life than majority of Don Jazzy’s fans ever will.And since both of them share a common fanbase, Olamide’s rants will not be swept under the rug as just talks of someone who’s had too much to drink or smoke.

With due respect to YBNL, the height the Supreme Mavin Dynasty has attained on the continent requires its leader to surely be aware that one misgiving can send the entire empire crumbling down or hamstring its profitability. It’s the entertainment industry, we’ve seen it happen before.

And to the fans, in politics (entertainment as well) there’s no permanent enemy or friend. Both parties are fighting to promote their business interests. If achieving that end means organizing a concert in the company of each other tomorrow, don’t put your money on it that they won’t. Always be aware of that.


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