Ambition: To Witness a Miracle

Life is tough and we can choose to do nothing or roll up our sleeves and get right at it. If I’ve learnt anything in my more than 2 decades here it is this: miracles happen to those who work. But, you see, a miracle is not a miracle unless it defiles natural and scientific laws. Work is important but work is not everything.

Often, there is a space or a time lag between when we start something and when we end it; a distance between where we begin a journey and when we come to our destination. It is in this distance or gestating period or time lag that miracles inhabit.

The conditions necessary to bring about a miracle is as much what we do as what we don’t do. For instance, if you plant a seed but unconsciously begin walking over the same patch of soil every day, you make growth impossible though your earnest desire is to witness it spring to life. What you discipline yourself not to do is just as important as the work you do while waiting to witness a miracle.

Majority of the time, our focus is on the job, what we can earn, what’s in a deal for us and all the physical concerns that crave our attention. Beneath the physical, there is much more we ought to be doing in the deep of our mind, on the wo/man alone in the dark that nobody sees beneath the surface.

By finding something to do with our hands, we sow the seed. But without attention to the wo/man in the dark, we trample on it and make it hard for ourselves to witness a miracle. Physical work is important but it is not everything, it is not what will bring us a miracle. If there’s anything which improves a miracle potential it is the work we put in on the inside, the sacrifices we make that is not seen by any but, like the wind, felt by people.

I know firsthand that too many times our lives are a giant jigsaw piled atop each other and it is convenient to pray and hope for luck to shine on us, like the Jumoke breadseller story, than to get to work. But even the luckiest people sometimes have to create their luck.

They have to put themselves out there, they have to take responsibility for something, they have to be busy piecing the jigsaw together however haphazardly. The signs heralding a miracle include the transformation of the self, our personality, our mind –majority of our work is to ensure we first become a walking miracle in our own sight.

Then, have you ever come across a seed that reproduced overnight? So also the gestation period for your expectation must be complete but you, my friend, will find solace in a bumper harvest; just as two people engage in the same business yet one struggles with returns while the other flourishes and therein lies your miracle.

As I said earlier, miracles exist in the space between the start of a journey and its end. While work is important, the extra care you pay to your thought process to purge it of needless wandering, guile, addictions, anxiety, jealousy, laziness, impatience, pride etc. is just as important –these are some traits you should deal with while desiring to witness a miracle. They are cancerous to the gestation of attitudinal miracles.

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The beauty is that miracles are not miracles unless it defiles natural and scientific laws. So, the level of progress that can be achieved from confronting and overcoming one of many shortcomings is tremendous. The feeling of power that comes with knowing you are overcoming the ugliness in your inner life is felt by others in the aura about you. As miracles seek out expression in your outer world, you must become more conscious of how you live and the work you do. In your business, don’t be surprised when opportunities above your current level open up to you. At your workplace don’t be amazed that you’re singled out for advancement. At school marvel not at the favor you find with colleagues and lecturers. Faith without work is dead; work without faith is suffering.

Do what is required of you, focus on arrears in your life that needs conscious attention and God will take it from there. It requires work and time in-between but you too will witness a miracle, you’re on the path already.


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