Mountains: Where Hearts may faint

The seashore is a great place for introspection. Maybe because when life overwhelms it helps to feel ‘small’ standing beside a large ocean. Or because we are able to rethink the ‘mountain’ size of problems, as peaceful noise of waves crashing bring closure to wild thoughts.

Spiced with short stories and observations, this article focuses on a few mountains that drive us to the seashore.

Imagine waking up tomorrow to an empty world with nobody but toddlers. You still know all you know right now except nothing has been made. Now you’re haunted by visions of mobile communication, electricity, and such things that improve quality of life. The people around haven’t experienced your vision so your actions to bring it to life cannot be understood.

You may have been down this road before.

Do you keep faith in what no one sees or abandon ship to sail with the doubts of others? When driving the nail of vision, there’s no better tool than the hammer of persistence. The weight of that hammer is ridicule and persecution. It took 90 years of consistency and lonely nights for Noah to build the ark that preserved life on this planet.

In our drive to make vision reality, when doubts gather and fear abound within, if we have faith to persist on our chosen path, in due season we will make a difference.

I met a young man who spent 5 years of his early 20’s working without pay. I asked how he was willing to do this, considering his mates seemed to have made much progress working paid jobs. He replied, “our paths differ but we are seed carriers and the universe is a living entity. You need to trust that nothing sown in it is ever lost for God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love. I enjoy what I do and have absolute trust that the lessons learnt will be vital in the future when providence makes return’.

God is not unrighteous to forget.

Have we seen the big picture for our lives and the role we play in it? When we feel lost in the channels we spend our working lives digging, take a moment to look back and see how the big picture connects. Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, said “you cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something –your gut, destiny, karma, whatever. This approach never failed me and has made all the difference in my life.”

Love and loss are two sides of the same coin. We can’t have one without the other. With few exceptions, our first love encounter is at the family level. As we grow in love we lose parents, we lose siblings, relatives, friends turned brothers/sisters. We lose them to distance, irreconcilable differences, and sometimes to death. How about lovers we lose to immaturity, infidelity, seeking different things at the same time, and everything else in-between?

What are the odds of tossing a coin and having it land on its edge? Sometimes we are favored, but I guess the odds of such balance are the same as a happily ever after ending to life. The natural progression of love tends towards loss and vice-versa. If we toss the coin, we got to accept the possibilities. The worse, after all, is not the end if we toss again.

Love, like business, is a gamble –may the odds be in your favor.

The odds favored a young athlete to take gold at the 1992 Olympic 200m race. Mid-way through, he pulled ahead with a healthy lead. Few meters to finish, he fell to ground clutching the hamstring muscle of his right thigh in pain. He looked up tearfully, saw the race finishing, and the medic’s stretcher approaching him. He made a decision. He got up and began limping in severe pain towards the finish line. He finished his race to standing and clapping ovations from the crowd. Derek Redmond had lost the race but won the hearts of millions because he finished his race.

There are no positions in life there are only winners and losers.

Derek’s story inspires much more than the athletes who finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We are in no competition with anyone but ourselves; our attitude, beliefs, and limits. Through the pain barrier are we ready to finish our race? The choice is up to us. Our life is a message to the world. I hope you find reasons to make yours remarkable.

The marketing phrase of a local pharmacy in my community reads “we cannot spell sUccess without ‘U’”. Likewise in life, you cannot spell success without ‘U’. Successful careers, businesses, relationships, life; It starts and ends with ‘U’. It’s not about the job; either quit or love what you do. It’s not about the hustle; don’t just get by, find passion. It’s not about your partner; love them as they are or cut your losses. It’s not about life’s meanness; life is a teacher, take notes of the lessons.

Success cannot be spelt without ‘U’. Success revolves around you.

What does it take nature to produce the most precious stone on earth? Time and pressure. What does it take to write something interesting with the days of our life? Vision and consistent work. How long will it take for your story to be told? It depends on ‘U’ and time will tell. When will your cycle of heartbreaks and false starts end? If you do not faint under pressure, God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love. What will it take to finish your race? Decision, time, and pressure.

If you’re weary and your heart threatens to faint, I’m sending the sun your way tonight. I hope it finds its way home.


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