Game of Egos: United vs Chelsea

Credit: Skysports

The biggest threat to victory over Chelsea this weekend is not Antonio Conte’s tactics.

It’s Mourinho’s ego. That’s the threat Mourinho needs to manage.

Chelsea are playing intelligent football while the United machine is still jerking with flaws that can only be resolved in the transfer window. Yet, this is one of those games that United’s ego, fueled by Old Trafford’s atmosphere, is inclined to win.

The energy Mourinho must send into the stands and onto the field must be inspired by United’s ego, not his own -the Man United institution is bigger than Mourinho.

If he makes the game Mourinho’s Ego vs Chelsea, Chelsea will romp to victory.

Mourinho must manage his emotions.

If he leads the Old Trafford crowd with cheering touchline antics, keep his players focused on the game, not the off-field drama, and get tactically busy with the United Machine, Man Utd have a good chance of beating Chelsea.


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