1. Homerun

Over the next 21 days, armed with a stopwatch and writing device, I will spend 15 minutes writing on a random word and post it. I hope it helps strengthen my commitment muscles. Today, I set out writing this with the intention to paint a picture of my business life right now. I honestly feel God needs us at my organization to understand a lesson going forward. That the Source is greater than the resources and that our trust must be in him. Not in our self, men or the resources He provides through providence. He needs us to understand that where self-reliance, as great as that is, ends, divine reliance will take us further. Here is today’s 15 minutes.

the joy of finishing is within reach

pain of the final lap is the only obstacle before us

now we have the feeling of men lost at sea

who now look upon an island meters afar

the will is there

joy is there

but we hang on to broken parts of a broken boat

so we drift

forward and sideways

along with God’s will

passions inflamed in our belly

we wait on Him

we’ve given our lives for this

not knowing where the journey led fuelled our passion

and what adventure

thrilled to the depths of our souls

drilled in bravery

hope in storms

act in the presence of fear

and gave our all

gave till there was nothing left to give but thanks


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