3. Pressure

The conditions for writing today were not there. When it was 7pm and I still didn’t have a ‘random’ word to write about, the weight of this 21 day challenge hit home and I felt myself start to panic. Here’s today’s 15 minutes.


time and pressure is what it takes

time is always ready

we are not so lucky

time is always cool

we live with pressure

cometh the hour, cometh the man

for time and pressure is the stuff of greatness

it has forged diamonds

it has forged great athletes

when the time cometh, better step up

there is no avoiding the needful

it can only be postponed to the advantage of time

where we stand condemned in the court of procrastination

scorned by the angry voices of missed opportunities

time is the great human rival we contend with

it’s always your next move

stand still and time wipes you away

act with quick decision and pressure just might ease up



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