4. Kaleidoscope

I spent a little over 15 minutes on today’s word: Kaleidoscope. I’ve decided not to groan about how hard this is anymore and just deal with it using a countdown i.e 17 days to go. Lol, sounds worse and exciting at the same time. Here’s today’s 15 minutes.


when we were kids, we played with toys

designed to broaden our imagination

by rotating the tube of a kaleidoscope we see different color patterns

if life was a kaleidoscope

instead of colors we’d see humans

as we rotate, we see different patterns to them

but this is not for fun

as adults, these patterns teach lessons

from them we choose lovers and choose friends

from them we form opinions and personality

what we don’t want to do is stop learning

because then as now, the idea is to broaden our imagination

imaginations cannot be broadened if we don’t unlearn

unlearning only happens by learning

there’s always new knowledge to be gained

new rights to be won

whatever you see through your kaleidoscope

stay excited and stay hungry

learn from the good

learn from the bad

stay turning that kaleidoscope

not because it’s easy

but because it’s hard


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