5. African child

Yesterday I was preparing picture slides for a speaking engagement. Then I observed a trend on google images. Here is 15 minutes of my uncensored feelings about it


which nation in the world is problem free?

why condense an entire continent’s narrative to portray negatives?

the world talks earnestly about moving on from racism

as it is with breaking old habits, a new habit is needed to fill the void

so racism is exchanged for stereotypes

the African child stereotype on the internet reveals the inequality in man’s heart

the internet is littered with images of dirty African children

so much so it is hard for me as an African child to relate

the reality these images concoct is much different from the prevalent reality

whereas images of American children are picture perfect

of kids wearing beautiful clothes

with beautiful model smiles

most of them conscious of the camera shooting them

most African kids are unconscious of the camera

they are caught off guard, like taking morning pictures without make-up

the motive for one is to promote a prosperous narrative

the motive for the other is to promote a crisis narrative

which nation in the world is problem free?

are there no dirty ghetto kids in every parts of the world?

how about gun violence tearing across America?

how come there is no motive to stereotype the American child as gun-obsessed

or as violent psychopaths?

in a image obsessed world where ‘likes’ are the holy grail

its more important than ever before to promote picture-perfect too for Africa

what’s wrong with littering the web with prosperous pictures of sweet African kids?


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