7. Complain

So from tomorrow I’m making a new commitment. To post the remainder of this 21 days series latest 6pm daily. Today’s 15 minutes…

what has it ever done?

talk is cheap and complain is cheaper
if you don’t like something, change it
if it cannot be changed immediately, endure it
talking about it only makes us feel less in control
talking about it makes us victims
acting makes us heroes
but we have to stay in control‎
in control of our emotions and reactions
we have to be objective
analyse situations
realize what possibilities are at our disposal
understand anything else you say is commentary
commentary that gives us less control‎
commentaries that create ill feelings
commentaries that vex the soul
what has complaining ever helped to achieve?
apart from sucking one deeper in a whirl of misery ‎

why not share your thoughts? please.

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