9. Airport

I’ve got a long journey ahead today so I’m posting this early to avoid posting it too late at night. Spent little less than 15 minutes on today’s word – airport.


the airport is a gateway of dreams

it’s fascinating because dreams by nature have no borders

the bigger the dream

the higher the chances of finding yourself at an airport

in dreams we spread our wings and fly

the same way airplanes spread its wings and glides through the skies

either the sky is the limit or the beginning

airplanes take us to the skies and it feels great

where we can think like superman and superwoman

where we can feel like the most important people on important missions

in the skies, we feel closer to living the dream

dreams take us to new places

new cultures and new people

the airport is a gateway of dreams

we walk-in shoulders high

ready to take on the world

ready to make it happen

what’s a dream without cross-border travel?

dreams themselves are a form of travel through time and space

the airport then is a landmark of progress

a turning point of dreams into reality


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