10. Headlights

Today’s 15minutes was inspired by a night view from yesterday. It examines the illusions of our world and how we are harmlessly sucked in.

standing at the foot of a hilly road

you see the cascade of headlights rushing down

at night, they are like twinkle little stars

in a world where we are encouraged to reach for the stars

we may be forgiven for chasing down headlights

which is cool, but they are all lies

we live in a world of illusions

the things we see are hardly ever as it seems

what appears picture-perfect easily conceal lies

yet we go chasing after headlights

the closer we appear to it

the further it leaves one behind

it is a race we cannot win


it leads to paths that don’t belong to us

it asks us to live other peoples’ lives

it substitutes objectivity for keeping up with the joneses

it takes away what’s real and replaces it with fake

what’s fake maybe beautiful but emptiness is the end

big cars with no gas

big homes with depressing debts

big loans to host grand parties…

these are contributory factors to increased suicide rates

all because of chasing headlights in a world of illusions


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