11. Archipelago

Archipelagoes are mostly made of oceanic islands. This means the islands were formed by volcanoes erupting from the ocean floor. Popular examples of archipelagoes include the Bahamas, Maldives, Stockholm etc. I spent 25 minutes on today’s word.

who knew something so disruptive could produce islands so beautiful?

i imagine if the oceans could speak

they would rebuke the very disruptions that make them tourist destinations today

i imagine if the ocean floor had a voice

they would say ‘let this pass over us’

but no, they were in harmony with the divine

we are part of a divine plan

our lives are a medium for expression

only when we are in harmony do we express that which is greater in us

Jesus was in harmony and so expressed salvation

Nelson Mandela was in harmony and so expressed peace

Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln

they were in Harmony and their lives gave beautiful expression outward

we study heroes like them not because they were insulated from personal troubles

rather because they remained harmonious in chaos

and this is the story of the archipelagoes

they are a testament to what can be when we stand difficult tests in harmony

they are a testament to Gods foresight and mysterious ways

though birthed through pain

the plan is always for good

to bring us into our own archipelago


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