12. Underworld

The issue of terrorism and organized crime worldwide weighs heavy on our minds. The most recent of such human callousness occurred in Manchester, United Kingdom. Today’s word puts into perspective a few of these underworld activities and the roles we may ‘innocently’ play in it.

we live in dangerous times

a lot of us are shocked by the content of evening news

crimes and atrocities beyond a sane minds imagination

the world of organized crime seems to be shifting into higher gears

but how have they sustained and expanded their enterprise

nothing happens in business until a sale is made

how about if we are innocent contributors to underworld patronage?

we buy illegal drugs to get high

supporting a vast underworld criminal network

we watch online pornography

supporting sex soliciting, child molestation

rape and human trafficking

we employ trafficked humans to save cost

supporting modern day slavery and labor racketeering

politicians divert the commonwealth of their nations

financing extremism and unrest that create vacuums for terrorism to thrive

supporting gun trafficking and violence

we unwittingly put so much money in the coffers of the underworld

monies now used to prosecute wars on our collective humanity

our addiction to selfish pleasures puts us in a position of weakness

to be taken advantage of by people of the underworld


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