13. Intelligence

My network and surprisingly slow system ensured this post went up late. The word for today is ‘intelligence’ and it took a little over 10 minutes.


ascribed sometimes to only people of certain class

yet I’ve seen intelligence grow in very hopeless places

i prefer to think about the opposite of intelligence

stupidity is the opposite of intelligence

intelligence is not necessarily determined by hereditary

intelligence is paying attention to details

paying attention to details is within reach of everybody

but too many times we are in a hurry

we only see what our hearts wants us to see

too many times we are under pressure

we focus more on the destination

less on the journey

guess what?

the journey is just as important as the destination

in the journey lies waiting all the little details

little details metamorphose into intelligence

a sense of awareness is the bedrock of intelligence

if the only things we are aware of

is the goal that wakes us up every morning

and we pursue that with less attention to the life happening about us

less attention to time and seasons

…to family and friends

to situations of courage

and to situations of patience

then we miss out on details that make us intelligent

we miss out on intelligence for our lives


why not share your thoughts? please.

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