14. Conversation

While waiting for my truck’s tyre to get patched, i walked towards a tree for shade from the sun. There I met an unlikely chat companion. We had a beautiful conversation about her Traffic management job. I got the idea for today’s word from our conversation.

i imagine life as a long street littered with doors

each door has a name

each door remains shut until a conversation opens it

everybody has a story

not all are worth listening to

but the odds of arriving at our destination quicker

is greatly improved by conversations

some of these doors have pathways within

pathways that could shorten distances to our destinations

we don’t have to walk through this street like we are alone

there are companions waiting to be discovered

if we are open enough to strike conversations

not everybody that is a stranger is a stranger

some of these strangers are angels in disguise

if we walk past them

as closed doors that we are

we miss out on God’s intervention

we miss out on inspiring stories

all because the only people who are people to us

are those who belong to the same class as us

if I could name this street

if I could rename life

i’d name it Conversation Boulevard


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