16. Act-into-feeling

Today’s post almost did not go up. I’ve smashed my phone to the floor out of frustration. I didn’t feel like writing today. But I did and then my phone went off and I hadn’t saved today’s 15 minutes. I came up with this eventually…


thoughts of work and duties ahead

‎would rather keep me in bed

but every morning I get out of bed
what I’ve learnt is this:
we are more likely to act into feeling than feel into acting
friday mornings satisfaction
comes from choosing to act instead of giving in to fatigue
one can sleep better knowing we got the days job done
we wake up feeling better than the day before‎
no matter how much longer we sleep
we cannot sleep tomorrow’s sleep today
sleep will always be there
either we are energetic or grey and old
it comes natural to us
work won’t always be there
because energy won’t always be there
the trick is to ‘just do it’ as Nike says
before the first 100 steps of the day is completed
we’d discover morning fatigue is exaggerated
we are more likely to act into feeling than we are to feel into acting ‎

why not share your thoughts? please.

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