17. Signature

Yesterday’s post i believe has to be the most terrible of this 21 day series. Lol. I can’t believe how furious I was at the way things panned out. With today’s word though, I hope to make some atonement. Signature…


signatures are unique

it takes 15 seconds to sign my signature

for anyone else it’d take much longer

years of practice has simplified the art of writing it

there’s something unique in us

but more than ever before

the times we live in forces us to abandon our uniqueness

in exchange for glamorous images

that is the picture of other peoples life

imitation is one of many ills that’s found abode in a healthy space

social media space is now used for unhealthy showoffs

so we grow in the limitation of comparisons and envy

with less focus on the uniqueness of what our own life can be

if we work and practice on what’s unique within us

it takes less than 10 seconds to capture an image

it took hours, sometimes days to get that one shot

one shot causing unrest in the lives of social media viewers

a signature is easy not because of ink and paper

but years of practice signing the same way

there’s more to the story than picture perfect tells

what is captured is a moment in a lifetime of experiences good and bad

just as my signature is a perfect picture of imperfect trials

try imitating someone’s and you just might see how hard it truly is


why not share your thoughts? please.

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