18. Biography

Maybe because writing is a favorite pastime, I cannot shake off the feeling of an autobiography at some point in my life. Here’s my thought on today’s word.


“our life is a story, write something inspiring and make it worth reading”

if you had to live life backwards

you’ll avoid certain pathways

you’ll avoid them because you know better and also where it leads

but seeing as we live life going forward

with no benefit of hindsight on a lot of decisions

we need a more practical plan

if only to ensure at some point down the road

our lives would be worthy of a biography

a biography worth every minute spent reading it

for me I like to think about the end

how do I want to be remembered?

for what do I want to be remembered?

what footprints do I want to leave behind?

these are questions for the future

but the answers are revealed one day at a time

we play a daily role in crafting those answers

one day we might have an opportunity to document these answers

and these answers would become a map

a map called biography

we want to ensure we are as sincere as every scenario we paint therein

we want to avoid fictitious accounts in the story of our lives

if the story of our life will earn rave reviews at all

let it be based on truthful merits of how we handled situations

and this is what I think about everyday

it helps me keep the end in mind

it helps me be circumspective in the answers I provide everyday to the unknown

ultimately it keeps that sense of responsibility alive in me

if the story of my life will be told

i want to avoid telling lies to coming generations seeking direction

if the story of my life will be told

i wanna make it inspiring

whatever my legacy will be

i don’t want to live life for myself alone

i want my life to be a light in a world growing darker year after year

i want my biography to immortalize that light


why not share your thoughts? please.

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