19. Feminism

Today’s word is feminism. Considering the progress feminist activist are making, today’s 15 minutes looks at its influence on relationships.


the male-female relationship landscape is changing

for all the countless romance articles about dealing with relationship issues

very few speak to the root causes of modern day relationship problems

men need to wake up and smell the coffee

times have changed and more women are jumping on the feminism bandwagon

Nicki Minaj’s comment earlier this year confirmed something to me

she said once a man feels you need him, he begins to misbehave

she went ahead to make her case for feminine independence in the rest of the magazine feature

men for long have grown used to feeling needed by their partners

but as the influence of feminism grows with women worldwide

men need to confront the reality that times have changed

more women now challenge male folks for more control in relationships

women are abandoning rulebooks of old that male folks would rather hold dearly to

there’s a new order and the modern man who will survive should familiarize himself with it

tide is turning on the emotional security men enjoyed at the expense of female folks

the best male folks can do is to make clear what they would accept and what they won’t in their relationships

if an accord is reached

male folks must then accept everything else in between is negotiable

male folks more than before need to be emotionally intelligent and self-secured

this, I believe, is what feminism in relationship is about

Failure by both sexes to understand how it plays out in mordern relationships is one of the primary cause of bad vibes


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