21. Commitment

Today marks the end of my 21 day writing series. I want to especially thank Michelle Pamisa, a similar challenge on her blog inspired mine. More than the challenge, the reading experience and article presentation of heartofdaviid would never be the same again, thanks to ideas from Michelle. In this period I’ve avoided looking at the visitors stats of my blog, nonetheless, I thank everyone who followed the series. On days when writing for myself wasn’t enough motivation, thoughts of not letting you guys down caused words to flow. A special thank you to Dayo Termas for his unflinching support and to everyone who followed the series anonymously. I did it for you guys.

There’s been lessons along the way; personal blog records have been broken. These past 21 days, I’ve published more posts than I’ve managed per year since 2014. I’ve learnt that talent is not enough. You need to show up everyday, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Everyday won’t be your best but you’re more likely to act into feeling your best than feel into acting your best. There is no substitute for action.

Our mind gives what we demand of it. The first 2 days were the easy ones of this series. Random words to write about grew scarce day by day. Without a word-prompter, I generated the words myself and 45 percent of the time, sweat broke out on my forehead. The 15 minutes stopwatch was always ticking and sometimes 9 scary minutes would pass without as much as 2 sensible phrases. I think being constrained for time like I was eventually helped the creative process. Because 3 minutes to the stop, the phrases and sentences start pouring out from wherever it was hiding. Going forward, I will probably employ timers for my future articles. Think about it. All sports are timed. Sports requires creativity and moments of brilliance to come out top. Creativity seems to thrive better under constraints. Imagine how creative you’d be with words if you only had 500 per day. The idea is to say so much with very few words.

Commenting on Michelle’s final post on her 21 day series, I said I wanted to achieve 2 things by signing up to the challenge. To grow my commitment muscles and to leverage whatever momentum built writing this series in other areas of my life. June is a watershed month in so many regards. I was thinking of the perfect way to start it and break out of whatever inertia had plagued me so far. I also wanted to show more commitment to the lady in my life. And now, as the 21 day series comes to an end, on my flight to the capital (Abuja) tomorrow morning to start a new project, I’d think about the great feelings of satisfaction I got with every post that went up. I’d remember what it felt like being outside my writing comfort zone these past 21 days. As I fly out of my comfort zone tomorrow, I’ll remember the end of one race is the beginning of another and hope to maintain the momentum. I long to feel the satisfaction of achieving my set objectives in the capital. I hope to put a bigger smile on the face of my loved ones and she who loves me intimately.

I hope…


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